In this article we are going to discuss what are the different types of student’s loan available for students to get for study. To get a scholarship is very hard and is not possible for every student to get entry into a college where the fees is low or minimal, most of the students are compelled to take admission in those college who charges high tuition fees from students to get a degree. It will not matter if you are from an economical deficit background or not you will have to pay high tuition fee for getting degree and we all know that without a degree there is no value for you.

So, what are option left for students only loan could save them and will help to get degree. Fortunately, there are many types of student loans available which will offer students money for a period of time after which you will have to pay it back with a rate of interest. Today we will discus the types of loan that a student can avail.

Types of student loan:

There are basically two types of loans which a student can avail they are federal loan and private loan. The federal loans will give you a loan based on your credit score it means the rate of interest will vary depending upon your credit score on the other hand private loans will provide you loan for a long tenure but with a high rate of interest. You can choose between them based on your need.

what are the different types of private loans?

You must have to enrolled in graduate, undergraduate, medical or any professional courses to make yourself eligible for getting loans from private firms such as banks and other loan providers. They will provide loan which will cover your tuition fee, accommodation, books costs, computer, dorm and many more things which are needed for you to stay at a college if it is away from your home. You can buy anything which is needed for completing your course from these loan amount.

Eligibility for student loans:

There are different categories which is required by federal and private student loans to check your eligibility. Which you can check by completing FAFSA or can visit their official website to know whether you are eligible or not.

Last words:

If you are going to take student loan and you have savings and have scholarships then you must first look for federal loan because they will provide you loan with a low rate of interest and easy loan terms but if your credit score is low, you can choose private student loan to finance your course. To know more differences between federal and private student loans visit their official websites.