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Wakefield, Marsland & Palmerston Family Tree

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The Wakefield Family Tree stems form John Wakefield (b1820) who was born in Atlebury, Warwick. At some point he moved to Wednesbury in the Midlands where he lived with his wife Sarah (formerly Goode) and raised a family. In the 1880's four of his children went to live in Featherstone, Yorkshire and it is from these children that most of this Family Tree is descended.



Ralfe Marsland lived in Garsdale, Yorkshire in the sixteenth century. All the Marslands in this Family Tree are directly descended from him. At some point in time they moved to Birstall (near Leeds) in West Yorkshire. This tree includes the descendants of Stephen Marsland (b1774) who was born in Birstall and subsequently migrated to the New York in 1810.Most of the Family Tree relates to the descendants of Joshua Marsland (b1820) who was also born in Birstall and moved to Leeds where he started a timber business.

Palmerston (sometimes spelt Permison or Palmerson)

Morris Palmerston, who was a  Russian Jew, was born in 1865. He left his country in the late 1800's presumably to escape persecution. He settled in Leeds, West Yorkshire where he married his wife Fanny Rosenberg originally from Suwalki in the Ukraine. The surname was spelt in a variety of ways presumably because it was anglicised over a period of time. Morris had a brother who lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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